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Lightly Sparkling

Lightly Sparkling wines provide a touch of zing and are often described as frizze, or frizzante. They have less carbon dioxide so their bubbles are less concentrated, meaning these wines are not as gassy as fully blown sparkling counterparts. Very refreshing leaving a tingle on the tongue!  



Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine; generally a Dry or Extra Dry; normally made from Glera ("Prosecco") grapes. DOC prosecco is produced in the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy, and traditionally mainly in the areas near Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, in the hills north of Treviso.

We offer lightly sparkling and full sparkling examples of this very popular wine.



Sparkling Rosé wines are produced from many grape varieties. The secret of a good Rosé is to make something that is not just a different coloured version of the red wine from the same grape.

We have some excellent sparkling Rosé wines and have only selected those that are specifically produced as a Rosé.


All Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is a wine with significant levels of carbon dioxide in it making it fizzy. The carbon dioxide may result from natural fermentation, either in a bottle, as with the méthode champenoise, in a large tank designed to withstand the pressures involved (as in the Charmat process), or as a result of carbon dioxide injection.


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